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North Eastern K4 and Tender reletter

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 16:54 Published in News articles

The RSC DLC k4 payware unit has been relettered in the North Eastern style. It is now available with new installation instructions. If you have the old one running then you do not need this one.

You can find it here North Eastern K4 and Tender

North Eastern K4

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 16:46 Published in Payware/DLC Engines

This is a reletter of the RSC DLC K4 Steamer. You must own the original model to use this addon. You will have to copy files manually after installing the RWP. Be sure to read the instructions in the PDF or TXT readme files carefully.

NEP - The NERW Enhancement Package v 2.0 by Doc (Machinist) Lisboa

This package enhances the lights on the following NERW engines, outside and in the cab.


NE - ES44AC Black                             NE - SD40-2 CSX-BC

NE - ES44AC Blue                               NE - SD40-2 CSX-BC-dirty

NE - F7 A Unit                                    NE - SD40-2 CSX-Grey

NE - SD40-2 Black                              NE - SD40-2 CSX-S

NE - SD40-2 Blue                               NE - SD40-2 CSX-YN3

                                                       NE - SD40-2 CSX-YS

NE - K4s Steam Engine Clean

NE - K4s Tender Clean (now with soft rear lights)

            NE - SW1200 Black                             NE - EMD GP9

NE - SW 1200 Black dirty

NE - SW1200 CSX                               NE - ES44AC Blue Eagle

NE - SW1200 CSX dirty                       NE - ES44AC Commemorative

NE - SW1200 HC


Note: NC and NN SW1200 engines weren’t enhanced.

You also get modfied popups windows that are more transparent and do not block your view out the window as much.


Bonus: A severe thunderstorm weather option. Lighting and dark skies.


Get it at NEP Version 2

Moscow, Camden and San Augustine v 1.3

Sunday, 10 June 2012 13:32 Published in MC&SA 1.3

The MC & SA version 1.3 by Michael Stephan. This is an RW2 route.


MC&SA Version 1.3 March 2011

MC&SA Patch for v 1.3



Clearing the Blueprint Cache

Saturday, 09 June 2012 20:13 Published in Railworks General

When you start up Railworks it either looks for blueprint caches or creates them. Each developer in your assets folder structure will have it's own blueprint.pak file (the cache file). They are sort of an index for the game to quickly find the files a route or scenario is using. What it does not do is delete or update them. When you install an addon, it's information won't be added to the cache and sometimes assets mistakenly comes with a Blueprint.pak file. So the best thing to do after you install an addon is to close Railworks completely, even the launching screen. Start it back up and go to the Tools and Docs tab in the launcher (as shown above) and press the Clear Cache button (as shown above). Then when you run RW again it rebuilds the Blueprint.pak (the cache file) files it needs.

Signals Part 2

Saturday, 09 June 2012 19:30 Published in Signals by Tim McIntosh - pikehkr

Can't get going? Try Expert Mode.

Saturday, 09 June 2012 19:02 Published in Railworks General

If your just starting out with Railworks, chances are you didn't try to set any of the options. If your pressing A & D and ; and ' and things don't appear to be working. CHange your driving settings to Expert Mode instead of the default setting of Easy.

Where does RW save the screenshots I take?

Saturday, 09 June 2012 18:51 Published in Railworks General

c:\my documents\my pictures

3rd Party Engine Pack 01

Saturday, 09 June 2012 15:07 Published in Mega-Paks

NERW SW1200 Mega Pak  by Dick Cowen/Britkits. Be sure you have the base package of the SW1200 installed before trying to use these repaints.


Included are:

  • NERW Black - Clean and dirty
  • CSX - Clean and Dirty
  • NERW Henderson Cement


CB&Q Big Horn Sub patch released

Saturday, 09 June 2012 11:33 Published in News articles

Michael Stephan has released a patch to fix some minor functions of the CB&Q Big Horn Sub route. You can download it from the CB&Q main download page.

Patch for CB&Q Big Horn sub

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